06/14/2017 "Embassy of Musical Mastery" will celebrate the Russian holiday in Bratislava St. Petersburg Music House will congratulate foreign compatriots in Slovakia
06/06/2017 "Embassy of Musical Mastery": tour on the African Continent The Music House Soloists will perform in Addis-Ababa ,
03/23/2017 Evening of Violin and Piano Music in Bratislava "Combination of Thoughts and Feelings" Spring Concert of the Music House Soloists
03/22/2017 Reason and Heart. Piano evening of Elizaveta Klyuchereva in Vienna. "Embassy of Musical Mastery" in Austria
03/18/2017 Rachmaninoff's Music will be heard in Algarve Alexei Sychev will perform Rachmaninoff at the Algrave Festival