Educational Centre "SIRIUS"
(Russia, Sochi)

About venue

The Sirius Educational Center in Sochi city has been established by Talent and Success Foundation on the basis of the Olympics facilities upon the initiative of Russian Federation President V.V. Putin.
The activity of the Center takes place under the support and coordination of the Ministry of Science and Education, Ministry of Sports and Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.
The mission of Sirius Educational Center is early identification, development and subsequent professional support of the gifted children that have displayed outstanding talents in the field of arts, sports, natural science and the ones who achieved success in amateur engineering hobbies.
The Center is open the year round. Transfer and accommodation at the Center are free for the children. Every month 600 children aged 10-17 arrive to Sirius from several dozen Russian regions. They are accompanied by over a 100 teachers and trainers going through qualification advancement training at the Center. The education is delivered by the leading instructors from the athletics, physics and mathematics, chemical and biological focus schools, along with outstanding artists in the field of symphony music, classical ballet and graphic arts. The length of the training program is 24 days; it includes both classes in the particular area of specialization and developmental free-time activities, master classes and meeting events with the recognized professionals in various fields as well as a set of therapeutic treatment activities aimed at improving the health status combined with general education classes throughout the school year.

Olimpiysky str. 40
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