English Hall of St. Petersburg Music House
(Russia, St. Petersburg)

English Hall of St. Petersburg Music House

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The English Hall arranged in the Neo-Renaissance style is a pearl of the Palace of Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich, built in the style of historicism following the design and under the supervision of the architect Maximilian Messmacher during 1883-1885.  During the lifetime of the royalty owner, the Hall served as a living room for receptions.

The entirety of its interior and furniture were designed by M.E. Messmacher.  Along the walls of the hall there once stood heavy oak chairs with the back shaped as parts of famous European cathedrals of the times of medieval knighthood, while an important place in the architecture of the room has been occupied by the surviving carved portals, doors with marquetry inlaid panels and intricate pseudo-gothic ceiling moldings.  A portal leading from the English to the Chinese living room has wooden sculptures resembling female figures that were used to decorate the ships’ rostrums. History of the Palace and photo gallery.  More detailed information on the history of the building can be found on regular guided tours of the state rooms of the Alekseevskiy palace, usually taking place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, except July.

The transfer of the building in 2006 to the Saint Petersburg Music House established upon the initiative of Sergei Roldugin, cello player and People's Artist of Russia, was followed by its restoration.  The English Hall that accommodated 100 specially commissioned seats had become a concert hall for talented young soloists from all over Russia: piano, strings and wind players.  Here, hall concerts and open master classes take place.  On the stage there are carefully selected pianos by Steinway and Fazioli factories.
Successful young soloists, participants to the Music House programs, as well as outstanding artists from Russia and the entire world perform in the framework of the Evenings in the English Hall cycle, combining their art with the amazing interior of concert venue, the Beautiful with the Exquisite.

Much attention is paid at the palace to the preservation of decoration components.
The following visitors are not admitted to the palace: visitors with photo and video cameras, carrying bulky bags, backpacks, briefcases, wearing shoes with stiletto heels and metal-toed shoes and visitors with children under 12 years of age.  You must have replacement shoes or wear shoe covers handed out at the entrance.

Rules for visitors

1. Overclothes should be left at the cloakroom.

2. It is not allowed to take large objects into the interiors: bags, briefcases, backpacks, umbrellas, liquids in any containers, including drinks. It is requested to deposit the aforementioned items in the cloakroom.
Photography and filming are not permitted.

3. Visitors should either have indoor footwear or wear shoe covers over outdoor footwear. Shoe covers are provided in the Palace free of charge.

4. Visitors should have footwear without spike heels and metal tips on heels. You have to wear museum slippers over such type of shoes.

5. Children under 12 years are not admitted.

6. The Music House has a Cafeteria where visitors can eat and drink. Please do not take food and drink into the halls.

7. The use of mobile phones during a concert is not permitted.

8. Smoking is not permitted inside the Music House and in the courtyard. Smoking area is on the Moika embankment.

9. Visitors under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or similar substances will not be permitted in the Music House.

10. Possession of dangerous materials, including firearms, is not permitted on the territory of the Music House.

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