02/01/2024 Soloist of February 2024 – Andrey Taranukha "There is nothing more challenging than engaging in competition with oneself, contesting one's own musical vision..."
01/10/2024 Soloist of January 2024 – Timofey Vladimirov "The paramount aspect for me in music performance is strict simplicity and naturalness."
12/04/2023 Soloist of December 2023 - Ravil Islyamov "My primary and only competitor is myself."
11/03/2023 Soloist of November 2023 – Arina Antonosyan "I love all the music I play"
10/10/2023 Soloist of October 2023 - Philip Kopachevsky "Music is always a mystery, and there can be multiple answers to it."