09/04/2023 Soloist of September 2023 – Anna Komarova "In childhood, you don't quite grasp how much it's your instrument, and then it becomes so familiar..."
08/16/2023 International Tchaikovsky Competition. The Final – Marking the Beginning of New Creative Victories Soloists from the St. Petersburg Music House – Discussing the Competition, Aspirations, and the Grand Finale. , ,
07/10/2023 The soloist of July 2023 - Mikhail Usov "On stage, the heart beats differently, muscles work in a unique way, and the mind and psyche undergo a profound transformation."
06/02/2023 The Soloist of June 2023 – Miroslav Kultyshev "The main thing that my teachers instilled in me is the concept of performance as a true 'life in art,' a genuine dedication to the profession until 'total commitment to the extreme'..."
05/11/2023 Soloist of May 2023 - Alexandra Zvereva "Fortunately, music doesn't need words. It's the most sincere and honest form of art."