06/07/2024 Saint Petersburg Music House Concerts Celebrating Russia Day "Embassy of Musical Mastery" Tour: Luxembourg - Paris - Brussels , ,
06/01/2024 Soloist of June 2024 – Kirill Rogovoy "The 'Constellation' competition became a significant emotional milestone for me, where I overcame myself".
05/13/2024 Soloist of May 2024 - Gleb Iosif Romanchukevich "The only rival for a truly mature and original artist remains himself".
04/01/2024 Soloist of April 2024 – Filipp Sozdatelev “My goal is to leave a mark in clarinet music history”.
03/01/2024 Soloist of March 2024 – Bogdan Efremov "I have almost no memories of life without the cello; it has always been a part of me"