02/06/2022 The soloist of February 2022 - Aleksander Ramm “Life itself inspires me”
12/24/2021 The soloist of January 2022 - Anna Savkina "This violin struck me since we first met."
12/20/2021 The St. Petersrburg Music House celebrates the 200th anniversary of Giovanni Bottesini Broadcast dedicated to the anniversary "The contrabassists' Paganini"
11/29/2021 Soloist of December 2021 - Dmitriy Yudin "A lifetime is not enough to play everything written for the piano and that I myself would like to play."
11/08/2021 Soloist of November 2021 - Alexey Lobikov "I was left with no choice whether to be a musician or not, but they gave me the opportunity to choose an instrument."