01/02/2023 Soloist of January 2023 - Fedor Osver "The oboe is an extremely capricious instrument"
12/22/2022 Soloist of December 2022 - Alexei Melnikov "To survive in this profession, you have to develop an educator and a critic in yourself."
12/10/2022 Soloist of October 2022 – Lev Zhuravsky “A timely heard symphony has the power to impress a person and steer them in a profoundly new direction.”
09/01/2022 Soloist of September 2022 - Alexander Klyuchko "For me it is fundamentally important not to stop evolving, not to preserve interpretation..."
08/01/2022 Soloist of August 2022 - Timofey Dolya "Music is no longer just a profession; it's a philosophy, a mindset, a way of thinking..."