09/01/2022 Soloist of September 2022 - Alexander Klyuchko "For me it is fundamentally important not to stop evolving, not to preserve interpretation..."
08/01/2022 Soloist of August 2022 - Timofey Dolya "Music is no longer just a profession; it's a philosophy, a mindset, a way of thinking..."
07/01/2022 Soloist of July 2022 – Andrei Telkov “Music came to me, enthralling and conquering me, instantly and forever.”
06/01/2022 Soloist of June 2022 – Eva Gevorgyan “I welcome all experiments, as long as they involve aesthetics, goodness and beauty.”
05/01/2022 Soloist of May 2022 – Peter Khudonogov “The flute’s sound has mesmerized me since the day I was born”