11/29/2021 Soloist of December 2021 - Dmitriy Yudin "A lifetime is not enough to play everything written for the piano and that I myself would like to play."
11/08/2021 Soloist of November 2021 - Alexey Lobikov "I was left with no choice whether to be a musician or not, but they gave me the opportunity to choose an instrument."
10/13/2021 Soloist of October 2021 - Dmitry Smirnov "A competition is like a game of roulette - it doesn't matter the number, it's your attitude to the likelihood of losing that matters."
09/02/2021 Soloist of September 2021 - Arseniya Sibileva "The further away from present days the music is, the stronger it resonates with me"
05/31/2021 Soloist of June 2021 - Vasiliy Stepanov “I want Russia to be the cello center of the world”