05/07/2020 ​CANCELLATION AND POSTPONEMENT OF THE ST. PETERSBURG MUSIC HOUSE EVENTS: MARCH - JUNE 2020 St. Petersburg Music House announces the cancellation and postponement of events scheduled in St. Petersburg and Russian cities in March-June 2020 due to the threat of a novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19).
01/20/2020 St. Petersburg Music House: Summary 2019 St. Petersburg Music House: Summary 2019
01/20/2020 To the 170th anniversary of Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich “... having the grandeur of character that a grand duke should possess ...” S.Yu. Witte
12/20/2019 Рождественская «Музыка звёзд»: Вебер, Чайковский Концерт Дома музыки: Никита Лютиков и Равиль Ислямов
06/04/2018 Soloist of June 2018 – Roman Markelov "The world is beautiful in its diversity"