State Conservatory of Uzbekistan
(Uzbekistan, Tashkent)

About venue

The State Conservatory of Uzbekistan is rightfully considered the oldest higher musical educational establishment in Central Asia. it was organized in 1936 and for many years it was the only musical establishment in this territory. The history of the conservatory is rich and meaningful. In many ways, it is significant in that such prominent figures of the musical culture of Uzbekistan as the pioneers of professional art and musical science V.A.Uspensky, E.E. Romanovskaya, M. Kari-Yakubov, A.A. Horvat and others worked here. In the 30-40s, highly qualified and talented teachers and performers were sent to Tashkent, including B. B. Nadezhdin, A. F. Kozlovsky, N. M. Yablonovsky, Ya. B. Pekker, G. A. Mushel, I. I. Martynov, Yu. N. Venita, GV Vasiliev, A. Ya. Lepin, AE Knorre, Yu. A. Fortunatov and others. Many of them connected their further life with the Tashkent Conservatory. A great contribution to the development of the musical education of the Republic was made by the prominent figures of art who worked in Tashkent during the Great Patriotic War L.V. Nikolaev, P.A. Serebryakov, N.E. Perelman, Yu.N. Tyulin, A.A.Egorov, M O. Steinberg, L. N. Revutsky, K. N. Mikhailov, A. N. Kotlyarevsky, A. B. Merovich and A. V. Birman.

Shaykhontokhur district, st. Almazar 1
+99871 239-46-53