Ticket price:
350 руб.
Audience: 12+
Russia, St. Petersburg, Moika Embankment, 122
+7 (812) 400-1-400
Concert by St.Petersburg Music House
Олеся Петрова (меццо-сопрано)
I part

Ж. Бизе (1838-1875) Сегидилья и Хабанера из оперы «Кармен», «Утро»
Г. Форе (1845-1924) «Пробуждение»
Ф. Пуленк (1899-1963) «Скрипка», «Дороги любви»
К. Сен-Санс (1835-1921) «Зачем идти со мною рядом», «Пляска мертвецов»,
Ария Далилы («Открылася душа...») из оперы «Самсон и Далила»

II part

Д. Шостакович (1906-1975) «Сатиры на стихи Саши Черного»
Критику – Пробуждение весны – Потомки – Недоразумение – Крейцерова соната
Ю. Фалик (1936-1009) Романсы из цикла «Звенидень»
Старые письма - Ночная песня пьяницы - Ноктюрн - Северная берёза - Звенидень

laureate of international competitions
Olesya Petrova (mezzo-soprano)

Rules for visitors

1. Overclothes should be left at the cloakroom.

2. It is not allowed to take large objects into the interiors: bags, briefcases, backpacks, umbrellas, liquids in any containers, including drinks. It is requested to deposit the aforementioned items in the cloakroom.
Photography and filming are not permitted.

3. Visitors should either have indoor footwear or wear shoe covers over outdoor footwear. Shoe covers are provided in the Palace free of charge.

4. Visitors should have footwear without spike heels and metal tips on heels. You have to wear museum slippers over such type of shoes.

5. Children under 12 years are not admitted.

6. The Music House has a Cafeteria where visitors can eat and drink. Please do not take food and drink into the halls.

7. The use of mobile phones during a concert is not permitted.

8. Smoking is not permitted inside the Music House and in the courtyard. Smoking area is on the Moika embankment.

9. Visitors under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or similar substances will not be permitted in the Music House.

10. Possession of dangerous materials, including firearms, is not permitted on the territory of the Music House.

Справки по телефону: (812) 702-60-96.

Ticket Offices

Artistic Director of St.Petersburg Music House:
People's Artist of Russia, Professor Sergey Roldugin