Ticket price:
450 руб.
Audience: 12+
Russia, St. Petersburg, Moika Embankment, 122
"The Main Halls of the Alexeevsky palace"
Regular excursion

The St. Petersburg Palace of Grand Duke Alexey Alexandrovich at Moika embankment - Alexeevsky (Alexeys) Palace was built in 1882-1885 according to the design of architect Maximilian Messmacher. It is included in the federal list of Historical and Cultural Landmarks of the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg. Over the last several decades, the building stood vacant. In October 2005, the Russian Government transferred the building to the St. Petersburg Music House for restauration.

During the tour you can see the luxory Halls recently used for private guests and business meetings of Gr. Duke Alexis.

The regular guided group tours in the main halls of the Alexeevsky Palace  started in 2010.

on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 16.00  according the monthly timetable.
Russian language
Little group: no more than 20 guests,
Audience 12+, Duration 1 hour, walking only in group
Ticket prices:
Regular excursion - 450 Rubles
Evening excursion - 600 Rubles
Weekend excursion - 900 Rubles

Photo and videorecording are prohibited.
No metallic or stiletto heels.
Old biulding, not suitable for wheelchairs.
Please don't translate for other guests during the tour. 

Rules vor visitors

1. We limit each tour to no more than 20 people. A ticket collector will control the number of visitors before the excursion. Visitors who do not follow the regulations will be asked to leave the Palace.

2. Children under 12 years are not admitted.

3. Overclothes should be left at the cloakroom as well as bags, briefcases, backpacks, umbrellas, audio equipment, cameras, drinks and food.

4. Visitors should either have indoor footwear or wear shoe covers over outdoor footwear. Shoe covers are provided free of charge. Visitors should wear museum slippers over footwear with spike heels and metal tips on heels.

5. It’s recommended to come 15 minutes prior to the beginning of excursion. Late-comers (more than 5 minutes) will not be allowed on the tour.

6. Excursion is guided by a tour guide and a custodian. Self visit without a group and a tour guide is strictly prohibited. Using tower stairs is dangerous and is not allowed.

7. Photography and filming are not permitted. You are allowed to take pictures behind the fence on the Moika embankement and in the Pisarevsky Garden.

8. Smoking is not permitted inside the Music House and in the courtyard. Smoking area is on the Moika embankment.

9. If the fire alarm goes off you should leave the building by the nearest fire exit door (see evacuation signs) following the instructions of the tour guide and the custodian.

10. A manager of the group informs visitors about the regulations and requirements  and attends the tour within the group. 

11. The following announcement should be posted next to the ticket-office and on the web site of The Music House:
 Dear visitors!
Administration of the Music House kindly recommend you to estimate your physical abilities before the excursion. A long-duration tour inside the Palace involves a lot of stairs and narrow passages. It might be a challenge for people who walk with a cane or use crutches.

12. Visitors under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or similar substances will not be permitted in the Music House.

13. Possession of dangerous materials, including firearms, is not permitted on the territory of the Saint Petersburg Music House.

14. Administration of the Music House reserves the right to refuse entry for people who use counterfeit tickets or tickets that were issued in excess of planned rate. To make a complaint please contact the ticket office.

Phone: (812) 702-60-96.

Ticket Offices

Ticket offices:

Artistic Director of St.Petersburg Music House:
People's Artist of Russia, Professor Sergey Roldugin