Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Netherlands
(Netherlands, Haag)

About venue

In June 1913 Willem Hendrick Benedict Stof, lieutenant-colonel, born in Utrecht, was given permission to build a villa in “Zorhflit” park. He hired Jakov Johan Brandt from Hoke and Wauters Co. – fine style architects, who had already designed a number of villas, including some in “Zorhflit” park, to develop a project of an elegant and spacious Residence building.
The USSR Embassy rented the villa in 1945. V.A.Valkov was appointed as the first Ambassador. In 1964 the Fols brothers sold the villa to the Russian Ambassador I.I.Tugarinov and since then it is the Russian property. 

Andries Bickerweg 2
+31(0) 70 346 8888