12/26/2016 St. Petersburg Music House Soloists will perform in Vienna Hofburg St. Petersburg Music House Concert will opetn the Cross-Tourism Year between Russia and Austria
12/19/2016 New Year in Brucknerhaus: the Music House soloists perform Nikita Lyutikov (clarinet) and Vladimir Pinialov (trumpet) will perform
09/29/2016 Sergey Roldugin: "Music House brings out the best ones" Press Conference by Sergey Roldugin in TASS
09/22/2016 The laureate of Tchaikovsky Competition Alexander Ramml performs in Brussels Shostakovich anniversary tol be celebrated in the Belgian capital
09/12/2016 From Argentine tango to Russian fair. "Embassy of Musical Mastery" in Vienna. September 21 soloists of St. Petersburg Music House will perform in Vienna